sorry for the wait, i had a burst of ideas again and wanted to draw my own stuff while it lasted. anyway, for starters, thanks for the support!

third commissioned piece from the sale thingie, which is over now as i have now got the money to pay the debts, yippee! (the full-priced are still open, psst psst!)
so well =Berneri asked for her alter ego - in assassin’s creed outfit, which is pretty cool! i have a habit of avoiding complicated outfits when drawing, so hehe thanks for making me do this, i really need the practice.

oh and i hope the background color is okay, i’m a bit unsure about it but nothing seemed to look good with the character and i tried a hundred different colors and hues and brightnesses and finally just picked a color from her eye. hehä.

so yeah thanks again!

Berneri (c) =Berneri

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