ALFKHA ugggh
this is not something i’m used to draw - all the flowers and leaves and feathers, i’m exhausted… so this is what it is to step out of my comfort zone huh

it’s been bothering me a lot that i haven’t drawn original art in a looooong while and i’ve had this concept in my mind since a couple of years ago, so i just had to do this (i haven’t forgotten the commissions, don’t worry guys!)

you probably don’t even remember these guys if you haven’t been following my comic ([link]), but they are my two most important OC’s.
it’s a minor spoiler but navys is indeed called a prince sometimes. he’s very modest for one though, wearing only t-shirts and jeans and not caring about his looks much anyway, and his wings are the only thing that strikes as ‘majestic’ in his outlook. for some reason i’ve always connected him with white lilies and my favourite heraldic symbol, fleur de lis. (the fact that white lilies symbolize innocence has definitely nothing to do with this, he’s such a douche)
then there’s mine, the stray cat that is forced to join the organization that navys is the “prince” of. he’s basically everything navys has learned to fear.
there’s not much else i want to tell you right now when the comic has barely even started.
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