one day i created these two characters for the sole purpose of drawing them beat the hell out of each other and not feel remorse of ruining my other oc’s. unexpectedly i grew really fond of them. i have two new oc’s. goddammit.

the fox masked one is called kettu (or fox or räv or zorro or whatever fox is in your language, it’s not really his name) and the blue one i simply call nerd for now cos i don’t really care

so painful… to play ace attorney in the bus… and try not to laugh…





best of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


what was phoenix wright

oh my goodness these games 

early concept n! had so much fun with this woo


the only reason i bought tomodachi life was so that i could see my favorite ofians goofing around

also here’s a picture of saku

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you heard him. GO

i also made this in case people started complaining that sycamore shouldn’t be that ripped

(frérot = bro…ther?) (i think) (i do not know french at all i used a dictionary and have no idea if that is anywhere near right)

well excuse me but who doesn’t think sycamore is really attractive for a pokémon character (probably people who aren’t attracted to video game characters at all AHAH………)


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datdullahan: What's your username on Flight Rising? Are your commissions still open? I'm Tocklaneth and your art style is too rad to comprehend

Ohho thanks! My username is Supa and I usually open 5 slots at a time, but right now they’re all full. You can check out the commission thread in here:

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more flight rising commissions yeeeeo

suddenly a gazillion gijinkas

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