early concept n! had so much fun with this woo

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the only reason i bought tomodachi life was so that i could see my favorite ofians goofing around

also here’s a picture of saku

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you heard him. GO

i also made this in case people started complaining that sycamore shouldn’t be that ripped

(frérot = bro…ther?) (i think) (i do not know french at all i used a dictionary and have no idea if that is anywhere near right)

well excuse me but who doesn’t think sycamore is really attractive for a pokémon character (probably people who aren’t attracted to video game characters at all AHAH………)

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datdullahan: What's your username on Flight Rising? Are your commissions still open? I'm Tocklaneth and your art style is too rad to comprehend

Ohho thanks! My username is Supa and I usually open 5 slots at a time, but right now they’re all full. You can check out the commission thread in here: http://flightrising.com/main.php?board=art&id=1103301&p=mb

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more flight rising commissions yeeeeo

suddenly a gazillion gijinkas

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some commissions i’ve been doodling over at flight rising

so i’m playing the sims 3 with mine and navys as roommates. this one night they were playing catch and mine kept throwing the ball too fast and hitting navys in the face and i haven’t laughed so hard for days because it was perfect


Eeveelution costumes

Bless you Pokemon Smash

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