some commissions i’ve been doodling over at flight rising

so i’m playing the sims 3 with mine and navys as roommates. this one night they were playing catch and mine kept throwing the ball too fast and hitting navys in the face and i haven’t laughed so hard for days because it was perfect


Eeveelution costumes

Bless you Pokemon Smash

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oops i updated ofia… after two months. but summer break’s almost here and i’ll have all the time in the world to draw!

more pages coming this week but go read this one while it’s still hot.


commission I did a little while back of Navys for Supario!

oohh so this was here too! look look i commissioned eikaea a while ago look look look it’s so gorgeous!



Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge Promotional Video

its true



kleptomaniacs don’t understand puns because they take everything literally


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matter’s past picture yeeeeah


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arctickayla: Holy shit your art is amazing! Like, incredible. I really love it.

oh no eeeek ahhh thank you!

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remade this thing from 2012