it’s coming

anyone remember vandre? well he got… promoted from an ofia guard to a homeless motorcyclist in this short comic about a talking toaster.

i’ve been using the toilet and shower in the light of my phone for months now because i’m too lazy to walk downstairs and ask for a new light bulb


it’s almost time

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tehtävänantona oli “suunnittele mainoselokuva valitsemallesi tuotteelle ja tee siitä kuvakäsikirjoitus” ja mun mielestä alaston anssi kela oli paras tapa mainostaa lämpöpeittoa

this is what i do in school

(translation: 1. anssi kela’s head 2. anssi talks 3. anssi shows the electric blanket’s controller at the same time 4. “anssi, get to the stage” 5. anssi lies naked under an electric blanket 6. anssi sings naked under an electric blanket to audience who are all naked under electric blankets)


one day i created these two characters for the sole purpose of drawing them beat the hell out of each other and not feel remorse of ruining my other oc’s. unexpectedly i grew really fond of them. i have two new oc’s. goddammit.

the fox masked one is called kettu (or fox or räv or zorro or whatever fox is in your language, it’s not really his name) and the blue one i simply call nerd for now cos i don’t really care

so painful… to play ace attorney in the bus… and try not to laugh…





best of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


what was phoenix wright

oh my goodness these games 

early concept n! had so much fun with this woo


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the only reason i bought tomodachi life was so that i could see my favorite ofians goofing around

also here’s a picture of saku

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